Automatic Bakish Bacons

by Terry Ross

I have searched several online wordlists for words that when translated into Bakish contain a "bacon" according to the methods I analyzed in The Code that Failed. By Penn Leary's reasoning, every occurrence of any of these words in any text should be considered one of Francis Bacon's signatures. The following list of 716 magic words, though tiresomely long, is obviously incomplete. For instance, the list contains "birdwatch" but not "birdwatcher" or "birdwatching." I'm sure that searching an unabridged dictionary would produce a much larger list, but this one will have to do for the time being. If you like wordgames, you might try to see how many of these words you can string together in a phrase that makes some kind of crazy superficial sense (while all the time in cipher it chants, "bacon bacon bacon"). Here's one to get you started: "unobtrusively amateurish jerkwater welterweight."

abstrusion abstrusities abstrusity affirmation affirmations affirmative affirmatively affirmativeness affirmatives affirmatory afterfriend aftermarriage afterwrist alder-liefest alderliefest Alismataceae amateurish amateurishly amateurishness amateurism anachronismatical androtauric aneurismatic antemarital antemeridian anteversion antiaquatic antiaustralian antiaustria antiaustrian antiemetic antimiasmatic antiquartan antiquate antiquated antiquatedness antiquates antiquating antiquation antireservationist antirust antirusts antisquatting aphorismatic Arctamerican aseismatic ataxiameter austafrican auteurism bantamweight bantamweights believest believeth biquarterly biquartz birdwatch bismethyl bisquette boatswain boatswains boisvert Botaurinae briefest briquet briquets briquette briquetted briquettes briquetting buttermaking butterwright cardiameter cathismata centauri centaurial centaurian centauric Centaurid Centauridium centauries Centaurium charentemaritime charismata charismatic chiasmata chiasmatic chiasmatype chiasmatypy chiavetta chiefest chikamatsu chiquest choirmaster choirmasters chrismatine chrismation chrismatite chrismatize chrismatories chrismatory coaffirmation colliquate colliquation colliquative colliquativeness confirmation confirmational confirmations confirmative confirmatively confirmatorily confirmatory contravariant contraversion counteraffirmation counterfeisance counterfeit counterfeited counterfeiter counterfeiters counterfeiting counterfeitly counterfeitment counterfeitness counterfeits countermaid countermarriage countervail countervailed countervailing countervails countervair countervairy counterweigh counterweighed counterweighing counterweight counterweighted counterweights counterwrite cratemaking cubicontravariant deliquate demirevetment detrusion detrusive diamat diameter diameters diametral diametrally diametric diametrical diametrically diaskeuast diemert diprismatic diquat diquats disaffirmation disaffirmative disarmature disarmeth disconfirmation disematism disfeature disfeatured disfeaturement disfeaturing dismarket dismarketed dismarketing dismast dismasted dismasting dismastment dismasts dismettled disquarter disseveration dissweeten disvertebrate eliquate eliquated eliquating eliquation elisavetgrad elisavetpol emphyteusis enriqueta entreasuring epicheiremata episematic etiquet etiquette etiquettes etiquettical etruria etrurian extramarital extrameridian extrameridional extramusical extraversion extraversive extraversively extrusible extrusile extrusion extrusions extrusive fairwater fairweather fiatconfirmatio firemaster firesafety firewater firmation firmest fissuration fortravail gatewright griefstricken grievest grotesquerie grotesqueries haematemesis hematemesis hemiprismatic heptameride Hiawatha hiemate hiemation hiemstra hippocentauric hyperobtrusive hyperobtrusively hyperobtrusiveness iafrate iamatology illiquation infirmate infirmation infirmative infirmatory inobtrusive inobtrusively inobtrusiveness interamerican interassuring interauricular interavailability interavailable interfaith interfering interferingly interferingness interferric interfriction interfusing interfusion intermarine intermarriage intermarriageable intermarriages intermarried intermarries intermetameric interprismatic intervariation intervaried intervarietal intervarsity intervein interveinal interveined interveining interveinous interversion intervesicular interwarring intravesical intrusion intrusional intrusionism intrusionist intrusions intrusive intrusively intrusiveness irrevertible irrumation irvette ismatic ismatical ismaticalness isodiametric isodiametrical isuret isuretine jamestown jaquette jawfeet jerkwater Jesuate jewett Jewstone juxtamarine kaltemail kathismata kiesewetter kismat kismats kismet kismetic kismets Lepismatidae letterweight liefest lievest liquate liquated liquates liquating liquation liquet liquets lisuarte lutemaking matsuri melismata melismatic melismatics merismatic metameric metamerically metameride metamerism metamerization metamerize metamerized metatarsusi metavariable miasmata miasmatic miasmatical miasmatically miasmatize miasmatology miasmatous milliammeter misadvertence misfate misfather misfeature misfeatured mismatch mismatched mismatches mismatching mismatchment mismate mismated mismates mismating mismeet mismeeting mismeets mismet mismetre missummation misusest miswrest myriameter myriametre natruresis nieveta niquette nomismata nonaffirmation noncharismatic nonconfirmation nonconfirmative nonconfirmatory noncounterfeit nondiametral nondiametrally nonextrusive noninterfering noninterferingly nonintrusion nonintrusionism nonintrusionist nonintrusive nonprotrusion nonprotrusive nonprotrusively nonprotrusiveness nonschismatic nonschismatical numismatic numismatical numismatically numismatician numismatics numismatist numismatists numismatography numismatologist numismatology obliquate obliquation obtrusion obtrusionist obtrusions obtrusive obtrusively obtrusiveness octamerism octavaria octavarium ostermeier ottavarima outqueried outswearing overaffirmation overaffirmative overaffirmatively overaffirmativeness pairmasts pasteurian pasteurisation pasteurise pasteurised pasteurising pasteurism pasteurization pasteurize pasteurized pasteurizer pasteurizers pasteurizes pasteurizing peirameter pentamerid Pentameridae pentamerism petaurine petaurist Petaurista Petauristidae piamatral piquet piquets piquette pirquet pirquetted pirquetter platemaking polymetameric polyprismatic polystaurion porismatic porismatical porismatically postauricular potemkin preaffirmation preaffirmative preconfirmation preobtrudingpreobtrusion preobtrusion preobtrusive pretarsusi prismatic prismatical prismatically prismatization prismatize prismatoid prismatoidal protrusible protrusile protrusility protrusion protrusions protrusive protrusively protrusiveness pseudepisematic pseudoamateurish pseudoamateurishly pseudoamateurism pseudometameric pseudometamerism pyramidoprismatic quasiaffirmative quasiaffirmatively quasiamateurish quasiamateurishly rastafarian rastafarianism reaffirmation reaffirmations reconfirmation reconfirmations reintrusion relieveth retraversing retrusible retrusion retrusive reviewest santamaria schismatic schismatical schismatically schismaticalness schismatics schismatism schismatist schismatize schismatized schismatizing sciametry seismatical seismetic semiaquatic semidiameter semiquartile semirustic semisweet semisweetened sesquiquarta sesquiquartal sesquiquartile shamateurism siefert sievert siewert skiameter skiametries skiametry slatemaking sobriquet sobriquetical sobriquets soubriquet sportswrite sportswriter sportswriters sportswriting stammering stammeringly stammeringness staurion stavrite stawski steamering stemmeries stiefvater stravaig stravaiged stravaiger stravaiging stravaigs streamside subtermarine subtreasuries subtriquetrous suovetaurilia superconfirmation taffrail taffrails tamaraite Tamaricaceae tamaricaceous tamarin tamarind tamarinds Tamarindus tamarins tamarisk tamarisks tamarix tamasic tamasine tamein tameins Tarumari tauri Taurian tauric tauricide tauricornous Taurid tauridian tauriferous tauriform taurin taurine taurines Taurini taurite taussig tawdrier tawdries tawdriest tawdrily tawdriness tawkin tawsing teamaking teferi temaril temerarious temerariously temerariousness temerities temeritous temerity temkin tervariant tetrameric tetramerism tiamat tibiotarsusi tourniquet tourniquets Transteverine trasteverine travail travailed travailer travailing travailous travails traversing traversion treasuries treasuring treemaking tremain tremaine tridiametral triquet triquetra triquetral triquetric triquetrous triquetrously triquetrum tropismatic trueing truismatic trumaine trusion trussing trussings tsuris ultrafrivolous ultramarine unaffirmation unantiquated unantiquatedness unconfirmative unconfirmatory uncounterfeit uncounterfeited uncountervailed undiametric undiametrical undiametrically unintrusive unintrusively uniquest unmiasmatic unmiasmatical unobtrusive unobtrusively unobtrusiveness unpasteurised unpasteurized unprismatic unprismatical unprismatically unprotrusible unprotrusive unprotrusively unschismatic unschismatical unstammering unstammeringly untrussing valiquette viameter viewest vieweth viewster virustatic vitameric wasteweir watermain watermarking welterweight welterweights westamerica whitevein whiteveins williamstown winterweight ziamet zikkurat zikkurats zikurat zikurats

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